Beat The Race Director Challenge 賽跑領袖資格戰


Do you have what it takes to beat the race director? If so, you can win a free entry to Winter Solstice relay.
你具備成為賽跑領袖的資格嗎 ? 如果你可以,將能免費參加冬至接力. (中文下面)

How to enter:

  1. If you haven’t already, download the Strava app for your phone and register (you can do this easily by linking your facebook account.)
  2. Go run the course with Strava using your GPS watch or smartphone. Upload the run using the app or website.
  3. As long as you ran the course correctly (watch the course preview video if you need help) Strava will automatically rank your run on the Strava Segment. For more info about segments, click here.

Who can win?

Two free entries will be given out, one for the fastest female and one for the fastest male. In the event that either of these two cannot attend, second place will be given free entry, or third, and so on. The winner will be whoever sits on top of the leaderboard at sunset on November 25th.

But what if I don’t want to use Strava?

Too bad. Strava Segments have great algorithms and regulation processes to determine your actual time and rank them accordingly. It’s too easy to edit GPS data, pause trackers, cut course or lie about how well you did. In an effort to avoid any sort of disagreements or turn what should be a fun competition into a bunch of drama, we will just depend on good ol’ Strava to do the hard work.

NOTE: Whoever is top of the leaderboard must buy beer for the rest of the people on the leaderboard.

Link to the segment and leaderboard.


1) 如果你還沒準備好,下載 Strava app 並註冊會員( 你可以輕易的將此連結至你的facebook)

2) 將Strava連結至你的手錶或手機,試跑我們的路徑,並將該結果上傳至app或網站上.

3) 只要能正確的跑完路徑(請詳見路徑規畫影片) Strava Segment會自動列出你的排名.關於Strava Segment,請看這裡.


我們將提供兩位名額.分別為最快的女生及男生. 若活動當日無法參加,名額將會順延至第二名或第三名,依此類推.最後的贏家將會由11/25日落前榜單上最快的跑者獲勝.


那我們很抱歉.Strava Segment 具有極佳的算式及規則可以精確的算出你的時間及名次.由於GPS容易資料容易被剪輯,中斷紀錄,抄捷徑或假造成績,為方便比賽公平一致並必免爭議,我們將一律使用Strava.

Strava Segment 連結見此

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