Sponsor us! 贊助我們


另外,我們願意幫助我們信任的產品做為品牌形銷。歡迎贊助夏至接力,讓你們的名子出現在我們的汗衫,帶你跑遍世界。如需詳談請來信至我們的信箱beatthesunset@gmail.com 或臉書粉絲團私訊,謝謝。

At Summer and Winter Solstice Relay we have plenty of room for tables and displays.

While runners are waiting for their partners to return they can come to sample your product, speak with representatives and learn more about what you do. Solstice Relay is the perfect opportunity to come meet athletes from all over the world.

As well, we offer on-site promotion of products that we love and trust. Get your name on our shirts and banners by contributing to our event. To speak with us and make a plan that suits your needs, fill out the information below:

Current and past partners include:

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