Picnic in the Park – Sunday October 27th, Dahu Park

Picnic in the Park! On Sunday October 27th 2019 at Dahu Park from 11:30am-3pm, we will hold another Beat the Sunset Winter Solstice Relay 2019 course preview park picnic.

Come along for:

- A chance to meet new friends (all welcome, including children and pets).

- A chance to preview the relay course route for this year’s Beat the Sunset relay race, on foot (run, walk or hike it!).

- A chance to find teammates, if you decide to join the race (if you need a partner for a two or four person team, this is a great opportunity to find someone).

- A chance to exercise, eat, drink and be merry!

– A chance to paint your team baton with your own logo or color scheme (we are preparing some materials!)

We will be nearby the Dahu Park moon bridge from 11:30am -3pm. If it’s good weather we will be on the grass; if there’s rain we’ll take shelter near the bathrooms.

Bring something to eat: food, drink or snacks. Runivore will supply their classic chia fresca drink for a free refreshment. There’s a swimming pool and showers nearby if you need them. Come on down!


-認識新的朋友們 (大家歡迎!小朋友和寵物也可以來喔!)

-參觀接力賽道 (可以用跑或是走)

-找到隊友 (如果你想要參加比賽,但是還找不到雙人或是四個人的隊友的話,這個野餐活動算是個不錯可以找得到隊友的機會)


- 裝飾你們小組的接力棒!(我們在準備材料!)

你可以帶來你要分享的食物、飲料等等。Runivore會送給大家他們Chia Fresca 奇亞籽好喝的飲料。你要洗澡的話大湖公園也有游泳池喔!大家歡迎來!

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