Rules and Regulations 規則及條例

Beat The Sunset’s main goal is for their participants to have fun. In order to do so, we must protect the rights and freedom’s of those around us, so some rules need to be made.


Legal waiver:

All participants are required to agree to a disclaimer upon registration. As well, participants and volunteers must sign a waiver to indicate that they agree to waive all legal action against Beat The Sunset in the event of an incident.  Any participant that refuses to or fails to sign the waiver will not be allowed to participate. It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure that they have signed a waiver before actively participating in any Beat The Sunset events.

View and print the waiver here


Organizing races isn’t cheap. After registration, runners must submit payment within 48 hours.


No full/partial refunds after registration is completed and payment is made.

Registration can be transferred by notifying the organizer no later than 3 weeks before the event. Late exchanges may incur a $200 registration penalty.

No refunds are given in the event of a cancellation/postponement of the event. In the event of a typhoon or government-mandated closure, the event may be postponed to a later date.

Event cancellation

The event will only be canceled in the event of a government-mandated closure. Events are still held during inclement weather or harsh conditions. It is the responsibility of the runner to judge the weather conditions and decide if they are willing and able to participate in the event.

If the event is forced to be canceled, refunds will not be given. We will do everything we can to make sure that the event is rescheduled for a later date, or that registration can be transferred to another event.

Late registration

Sign up early before the deadline and you won’t have to worry about any of this!

Late registration can sometimes be accepted, but we can not provide t-shirts, runners gifts or even meals if you register too late. Individuals who would like to register after the deadline must pay the same registration fee as those who registered on time.

On the day of the event:

Arrive on time: Runners must check in, receive their race pack and be present for the race briefing before the race in order to participate. Runners who are not present during the briefing may be disqualified from participating.

Bibs: Runner bib must be fastened on the front of the runner’s body. We actively use these bibs throughout the course to track our runners and ensure that they are completing the course in its entirety and track their progress. Runners without a visible bib may be asked to stop and display their bib. If we cannot read your bib number, your entry will not be recorded, and you just ran for no reason.

Help others: Runners are required to help others on the course. If a participant sees an injured or immobile runner, it is their responsibility to stop and help them or ensure that they are getting help. Anyone who fails to help a fellow runner will be disqualified.

Sportsmanship: Poor attitude or cheating will not be tolerated. Any runner can be disqualified by the organizer’s discretion in the event if the organizer, fellow runners or volunteers feel that they are creating a negative atmosphere for those around them.

Intentionally shortening the course, leaving the marked areas, or using any device to aid a runner that is not provided by the organizer will lead to immediate expulsion and disqualification from the race. The organizer may disqualify any runner at any time if they feel that the runner is cheating in any way.


Runners are provided with basic health insurance as part of their registration. Runners who are given insurance are required to use the insurance provided in the event of an incident.

More information about our health plan here

Medical treatment

Medical staff are on site to provide treatment and must be used in the event of an incident. Runners accept that if they are told by volunteers, medical staff or the organizer to accept medical treatment, they must abide. Anyone who wishes to waive the provided insurance, or seek their own medical treatment, must first sign a waiver indicating that they do not accept the insurance provided to them. Any person who attempts to diagnose or treat themselves, refuse medical treatment, or substitute treatment with that which is provided at the event automatically waives all rights and legally is not considered part of the event, even if the injury or incident occurred during the event.

If medical treatment is required after the event is completed, the individual must notify the organizer, keep accurate records of all treatments and abide by the instructions of the organizer, staff or volunteers.


Results will be available soon after the event via Webscorer. In the event that a runner identifies a discrepancy in the results, they can contact the organizer to fix the problem. Ultimately it is up to the organizer to decide the final results.

If anything is unclear or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at